New Exhibits Open

Boca Raton Museum of Art

Art looks at life in a new way at The Boca Raton Museum of Art. Three new exhibitions opened Oct. 7 and will be open through Jan. 3, 2021.

The first exhibit you will notice as you walk past the museum’s new lobby and desk (They also created a new Wolgin Education Center in their renovations) is the Benjamin Patterson collection entitled “My Thirteen Presidents”. A series of small framed works of art, each is a collage of sorts featuring a picture of a U.S. president fused onto a “body” that exemplifies the animal they are associated with in Chinese astrology. President George W. Bush is a metal dragon,  Franklin D. Roosevelt is a water monkey, Lyndon B. Johnson is a Water Tiger, etc. That image is set atop another image that correlates to their presidency, and below is info. on their presidency. He only features presidents during his lifetime –1935 to 2009. President Obama had just gotten into office when Patterson passed away. This artist was one of the founding members of the Fluxus art movement, and its only Black member. Patterson was an accomplished orchestral musician, but he felt forced to leave the U.S. in 1960 to live abroad because no symphonies would hire an African American.  More in link