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Lew Lautin is an award winning artist, photographer, videographer and teacher whose work cannot be restricted to a single theme or style.  Following a successful career in real estate building and development, he dedicated a decade to sensitive environmental issues.  But, it was his creative instincts that inspired him throughout his life to capture the beauty and emotion around him in an effort to share his vision with others.  His father was an avid photographer who passed along this passion to his son.  At the age of 12, his father gave him a second-hand Zeiss Icon 35mm camera.  Upon processing his first roll of film, Lautin was hooked.   Read more Throughout his secular career, Lautin honed his technical and photo-journalistic skills with commercial photography including a cover photo on November 16, 1975 for the Detroit Free Press.  He provided photography to numerous trade organizations & was Staff Photographer for Enlightened Practice Magazine. Lautin has provided photography for News Café in Miami Beach, Vis.A.Vis Magazine, Simply the Best Magazine, and Boca Magazine and has himself been featured on the cover of Florida Trend Magazine.    Beginning in 1975 with a photograph of Jack Oliver, a former society editor for the Detroit Free Press who had become homeless, Lautin has devoted countless hours to the plight of the less fortunate among us.  He has amassed thousands of images of the homeless.  These portraits and the art Lautin has created from these images have been exhibited in numerous galleries, featured on national and local television and sold to raise money for charity.  The evolution of his talent into the world of fine art was inevitable.  His vision for composition and impact grew from his work in commercial photography and his ability to transform emotion into art is an extension of his work with the homeless.  Lautin’s art is a unique expression of a lifetime of experience.  


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