Bonnie Lautenberg: Hollywood Meets Art History



Lautenberg’s series titled Artistica! consists of diptychs that will be exhibited in the Boca Raton Museum of Art’s second floor Focus Gallery in conjunction with the opening of the Hollywood Backdrops exhibition, opening April 13, 2022. For this series, Lautenberg pairs photographs of iconic works of visual art with stills from Hollywood films that “speak to each other” in order to disrupt the way we experience both. She sometimes chooses the artwork first and pairs with the film still but this process can also be reversed. However, the year the art was created is always the same year that the corresponding movie was released. Works of art by such luminaries as Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollack, Piet Mondrian, Roy Lichtenstein, Willem de Kooning, and many others are paired with still from films such as Grand Hotel, Sunset Boulevard, Psycho, Pulp Fiction, Flashdance, ET, Lawrence of Arabia, and others. The first film and art pair in the series dates from 1928 and continues to the present. 



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