Painting and Sculpture

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Explore Olmec statuettes from 800 B.C.E. on the same visit that you encounter 21st-century painting by world-renowned painter Kehinde Wiley. The sculptures and paintings from the beginning of time to today are all part of a continuum, which is why the Boca Raton Museum of Art does not divide our galleries up by categories. Toward our aim of making “collection connections” we have interspersed painting and sculpture across time and space so that you, the viewer, may draw your own interpretation of what defines a sculpture; what makes a painting.


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Theresa Bernstein
Carnegie Hall with Paderewski, 1914
Theresa Bernstein
Rogers Street
Frank Bowling
Untitled, 1980
Nancy Burson
DNA Has No Color, 2019
Guanacaste-Nicoya Costa Rica
Tripod Jaguar Effigy Vessel
Robert Cottingham
Bacon and Eggs, 1972
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Physichromie No. 571, 1971
Ivory Coast Dan People
Giorgio de Chirico
Hector Leaving Andromache, 1925
Maurice de Vlaminck
Paysage en Bretagne, 1930
Robert Delaunay
Paris Street, 1906
Song Dong
Glass Big Brother, 2015
Jean Dubuffet
L’Ophtalmopathe, 1971
Adolph Gottlieb
Drift, 1971
Nancy Graves
Stratus, 1977
Michael Heizer
Brazil, 1983
Al Held
Mantegna's Edge, 1983
John Henry
Meridian, 2003
King Houndekpinkou
The Black Widow, 2016
Alain Kirili
Segou, 2004
Takuro Kuwata
Untitled, 2016
Henri Laurens
The Two Sisters, 1951
Anne Marie Laureys
Angels Kissing the Ground
Pat Lipsky
Jonathan III, 1971
John Marin
Sea and Boat #1, 1942
Charles McGill
Dilemma, 2016
Veracruz Mexico
Ballgame Yoke
Louise Nevelson
Shadow Chord, 1969
José Clemente Orozco
Autorretrato [Self Portrait], 1937
Guy Pène du Bois
At the Soda Fountain, 1930
Dorothea Rockburne
Gerusalemme Liberata, 1988
Susan Rothenberg
August 17th
Georges Rouault
Le Soldat, 1937
Betye Saar
Cryptic Confessions, The Question, 1988
George Segal
Woman in Black T-Shirt, 1990
Arlene Shechet
Deep Down and Widespread, 2016
Alyson Shotz
Equilibrium Line, 2013
Keith Sonnier
Cross Station, 1987
Maya, Tlalixcoyan Veracruz, Mexico
Seated Tomb Effigy Xantile Figure
Jan Vercruysse
Jalisco West Mexico
Joined Pair of Figures
Kehinde Wiley
Annoyed Radha with her Friends, 2010
Purvis Young
Dancers and Loas