Jeff Whyman: Out of Nature

entrance to exhibition

Photograph by Michael Dillow

five ceramic sculptures

Photograph by Michael Dillow 

four ceramic sculptures and a china cabinet filled with fifty small sculptures

Photograph by Michael Dillow



Jeff Whyman ceramics are inspired by nature, including the shells he collects. His vessels, teapots, and plates retain a semblance of function but are really sculptures. His spouts are twisted, his vases sag and tilt, and his plates are rife with lumpy accretions.  

Whyman acknowledges the influence of the renowned ceramicist Peter Voulkos who elevated the medium of clay to fine art and with whom he worked for ten years at his Berkeley, California studio.

Unlike Voulkos, who added and subtracted elements to his pieces over time, Whyman creates his works all in one moment while the clay is still wet. He uses the wheel to throw his vessels and spontaneously adds materials as sea glass, Chinese crystals, mineral oxides, metal nails, and wood ash to make forms that call to mind rock formations and what one might find on the ocean floor.

Whyman lives and works in Delray Beach, and this is one of a continuing series of exhibitions of work by artists in the area.