Lesson Plans

Teacher in classroom with students

One of the objectives of the Museum's Education Department is to expand the educator's ability to apply the visual arts to their curriculum by providing lesson plans, modeling arts integration for school staff through workshops and guided tours. We strive to build students' self-esteem by giving them the tools to view and discuss the visual arts and thereby enhance their own self-expression. These lesson plans are intended to enlighten and inspire students, as well as familiarize them with the wonderful works of art that reflect the feelings and observations of numerous artists who have produced visual masterpieces.

It is the Museum's goal to have the students, teachers, parents and the community-at-large, use its vast collection of artwork as an educational resource. While it is always worthwhile to visit the Museum, we believe it is equally valuable to bring the Museum into the classroom and are pleased to offer these outstanding lesson plans and classroom suggestions to you and your students.

The Museum's lesson plans have been written to assist classroom teachers in applying the visual arts across the curriculum. Each lesson focuses on an academic skill that correlates with the Florida State Standards. Please download these plans and implement them in your classroom. Be sure to revisit our website often for new lesson plans, images, and educational materials.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.