Register for Fall Classes Now

hand painting


Attention Art School Family,
It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the availability of our September classes! You may reserve your seat online now using our new and improved “touch-less” registration process found here: Register
Simply select a group of classes that you are interested in (Painting, Ceramics, etc.), then the specific session you are interested in by clicking the red “register” button beneath the course days and times and follow the prompts. Remember to enter your museum membership number to receive your discount on classes automatically! Please note that only our September classes are available at this time. We would like to test our new system live and welcome all feedback from you as you navigate our new website. For those of you who have already signed up, we thank you! Please call our office should you have questions of any kind at 561-392-2503. 
We will be adding new courses for October and beyond shortly, so stay tuned, and we will also continue to improve the aesthetics and navigability of the website, but it is fully functional and secure and with so much enthusiasm expressed by our continuing students, we wanted to make these courses available to you as soon as possible. Please note that we will be implementing strict reduced enrollment requirements so you may properly distance while in class as well as requiring anyone who enters the building to wear a mask at all times for your own safety and to protect those around you. This may be a small discomfort, of course, but I am sure that like us, you are used to it by now.
If you have not visited your beloved Art School in the last couple of months, you will find some exciting new changes and updates to the facility, including a new gift shop where you can purchase local art work from our teachers and students as well as light refreshments. The facility has been deep cleaned and improved quite a bit and we ask that you help us keep things neat and tidy for your best health, but also to inspire your creativity and keep the shared spaces and classrooms something that we are proud to call our own. It is an art school and the nature of creation will cause some messes from time to time, so all we ask is that you spend a few extra minutes helping us clean things up when accidents occur, or simply notify staff if you notice something that is out of order.
Thanks to everyone who has kept in touch through these uncertain times. It is during times of crisis that it becomes much easier to recognize and prioritize what is most important in our lives. We can see quite clearly that the Art School without students and teachers and classes is simply an empty building. Please join us at your earliest convenience to breathe life back into these walls and help us decorate them with care and creativity. Reserving a spot in an Art class today is the best way that you can become reinvigorated by the community and friends that you have come to love over so many wonderful years at the Boca Raton Museum of Art School and ensure creative opportunities and rewarding learning opportunities for new faces and future generations. 
See you soon!
Tom Joule
Director Of Art School