Collectors Forum - Italian Renaissance Gardens with Amy Kupec Larue


Amy Kupec Larue


Amy Kupec Larue - Art & Gardens Educator


Mon, Mar 15 2021, 10:45am - 12pm




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The Renaissance Gardens of Italy

Discover some of the finest and most flamboyant gardens ever produced as we retrace their origins and history of Italian Renaissance gardens as well as the many characteristic elements which still define their aura today. While the seeds of these gardens were planted in Florence, we will see how they continued to develop and flourish from Lucca to Rome. Throughout this virtual garden tour, you will also come to understand the importance of water in achieving a harmonious balance between nature and architecture as well as the role of statuary in the first outdoor museums.

Amy Kupec Larue - Art & Garden Educator

Larue’s passion for flowers, plants, and the French Art de Vivre led her to a career that beautifully combines her wide knowledge, keen interests, and vast experience with gardens. Since 2005 she has been guiding groups including the Pacific Horticulture Society, New York Botanical Garden, and Garden Club of America on tours through public and private gardens in Paris, Normandy, the Loire River Valley, the South of France, and Tuscany. 



Online Webinar. Credentials provided at registration.