Did the Jews Really Invent Hollywood? A Fascinating History


Kurt Stone

Kurt Stone


Wed, Oct 12, 2022, 3 - 4pm
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With the possible exception of constructing a medieval cathedral, there is no more collaborative art form than a studio-made motion picture. Besides all the actors on the screen, there are hundreds – even thousands – of artists and artisans behind the scenes writing, composing, painting, sculpting, decorating, orchestrating, editing, coaching, cooking, dubbing, sewing, lighting…you name it.

Kurt Stone, a “Hollywood Brat” with an encyclopedic knowledge of his hometown’s greatest industry, takes us behind the screen for a fascinating look at its early history and deconstructing several of its most famous collaborations.

Kurt Stone’s passion for film is, he says “genetic,” having been born in Hollywood, CA, and raised both in and around the movie industry. Stone is a multi-disciplinary man who has also written well-received books on Congress, published nearly 900 essays, is an ordained rabbi, and earns his living as a medical ethicist.

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