Massimo Polidoro: Unmasking Lies and Skeptical Inquiry


Massimo Polidoro

Massimo Polidoro


Sun, Dec 10, 2023, 3 - 4pm
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Massimo Polidoro, author, science journalist, and visiting scholar at the Department of History of Science at Harvard University reveals how he became one of the foremost investigators of unusual/paranormal phenomena, claimed psychic powers, and mysterious happenings. Mentored by the celebrated magician and debunker of fraudulent claims, James “The Amazing” Randi, Professor Polidoro had the extraordinary opportunity of becoming Randi’s only apprentice in the art of investigating and unmasking lies. Learn how our senses can be deceived, how our attention can be misled, and how our memory can be distorted.

This public program for Smoke & Mirrors has been made possible through the generous support of Jody H. & Martin Grass

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