Boca Museum Announces Blockbuster Machu Picchu Exhibition

In the News
Some of us in the media knew this was coming, but we’d been keeping it a secret until this week, when a fanfare-filled press conference officially let the Incan can out of the bag: The Boca Raton Museum of Art will mark the first stop on the nationwide tour of the blockbuster exhibition “Machu Picchu and the Golden Empires of Peru.” When it opens Oct. 16, the exhibition will feature 192 priceless Peruvian artifacts never before presented on tour, including what is being marketed as “the most impressive Andean gold collection ever to travel the world.” Moreover, World Heritage Exhibitions (WHE), which is producing and designing the exhibition, promises a multisensory visitor experience. Its cutting-edge technology will allow museum guests to “see, hear and smell” the ancient region, from virtual-reality vantage points among the clouds atop the Andes Mountains to the terra firma of the Amazon rainforest—all to, in the words of WHE President Anthony Tann, “push the limits of what is possible.” More in link.