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THINK MUSEUMS ARE DUSTY, BORING PLACES? That’s so old school. World Heritage Exhibitions, a Fort Myers based company, is in the business of giving people immersive experiences.

“We produce, promote and design blockbuster exhibitions,” says owner and president Anthony Tann, a Cape Coral resident.

He recalls seeing the infamous King Tut exhibit (“Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs”) at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art in 2004, when he was 16. It made a big impression upon him.

“I remember walking through that exhibit, looking at all these 3,200-plus years old (artifacts),” says Mr. Tann. “King Tut was one of the biggest rulers of the world at that time. I thought it was spectacular.”

The exhibit happened to be produced by John Norman, who Mr. Tann credits as “the guy who took exhibitions and started producing them theatrically, making them a fully immersive experience.”

As an adult, Mr. Tann worked with Mr. Norman for five years, before starting his own business, World Heritage Exhibitions, in early 2020.  More in link.