Otoghe-Toghe Masquerade, Aromgba Village, Nigeria


Figure in red, green, yellow raffia outfit and black mask.

Phyllis Galembo
b. 1952 New York, NY; lives and works in New York, NY
Otoghe-Toghe Masquerade, Aromgba Village, Nigeria, 2005
Ilfochrome print
50 x 50 inches
Accession date: 2020
Acquired with the generous assistance of a gift from Dr. Frank Waxman, by exchange
© Phyllis Galembo

Animal effigies such as this fierce bull-like mask represent powerful spirits that need to be appeased. Carved wooden masks, except for those made for the tourist trade, are not as prevalent in today's masquerades as they once were. The lack of wooden mask carving can be attributed to the variety of materials available today. Wooden masks, such as the one here, are often handed down and refurbished for other masquerades.