Myths, Secrets, Lies, and Truths: Photography from the Doug McCraw Collection

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Liesa Cole, "Miss Anita," 2019, first edition artist proof on stainless steel, archival, museum-quality print. Courtesy of Doug McCraw

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This exhibition explores the complexities of human existence through the interplay of myths, secrets, lies, and truths through the lens of five brilliant artists from the collection of Doug McCraw. Hank Willis Thomas, Spider Martin, Sheila Pree Bright, Liesa Cole, and Karen Graffeo capture moments that transcend the ordinary, reveal truths, and explore how myths shape our perceptions, secrets veil the truth, and lies distort our beliefs.

Hank Willis Thomas’ "Unbranded" is a series depicting years of advertisements created by white ad executives for the Black consumer market that are full of myth, disrespect, disinformation, and, in some cases, outright racism.

Spider Martin’s iconic photographs from the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March documented protests by African Americans demanding the right to vote. The three photos featured in the exhibition have been enlarged to express the drama of this important historical moment and are part of a series of enlarged photographs titled "Selma Is Now."

Sheila Pree Bright presents works from her powerful "Young Americans" series in which she photographed her subjects posing with the American flag while recording what they say the flag means to them.

Liesa Cole’s photographs, projections, and installation are about those who share secrets and those who keep them. Most people are uncomfortable sharing secrets unless they know they can trust someone to keep their confidence. In the exhibition, visitors will hear anonymous people telling secrets that can be funny, tragic, ridiculous, surprising, or raw and visceral.

Karen Graffeo’s "Cuba" series is part of an ongoing project expressing the beauty and inventiveness of a culture experiencing many challenges, hardships, and poverty. She photographs moments of everyday life in Cuba with an eye to the vibrant designs, colors, patterns, and textures that reflect the unique spirit and aesthetics of the island nation.

"Myths, Secrets, Lies, and Truths" is a thought-provoking and transformative exhibition that challenges and inspires us to seek deeper truths in the world around us.

Curated by Senior Curator, Kathleen Goncharov

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