Investigating Emotion with Bonnie Lautenberg

 Creative Challenge
Screenshot of Vivien Leigh in the movie Psycho above a photo of a black and white abstract painting by Franz Kline

Look at 1960 - Psycho/Franz Kline, Lehigh V Span by Bonnie Lautenberg from the Museum’s Collection.  Follow the prompts below to learn more and create your own emotional art!


  • What do you see? 
  • What colors are used in the work? 
  • What are the emotions expressed within this piece? 
  • Think about how fear, terror, and surprise may look. 
  • How does the still photograph (above) relate to the abstract painting (below)?
  • What do you think the artist is trying to convey?


  • This work includes both photography with abstract artwork.
  • Photography often depicts something real. 
  • Abstract art often includes shapes, color, line, and texture rather than representing something from the real world. 


  • Why do you think the artist paired these two art works together?
  • How do the emotions of the art make you feel?


  • Make your own “emotional” artwork!
  • You will need two (2) pieces of white drawing paper.
  • Use a pencil to draw a realistic face expressing an emotion on one piece of paper.  Embellish your drawing with black marker.
  • Using black & white oil pastels, create an abstract work expressing that emotion on the second piece of paper.
  • Place the realistic on top with abstract on the bottom.  Tape the two together. 
  • Select a title for your emotional artwork.  
  • Display your art for family and friends to see.

Image Credits

Bonnie Lautenberg
b. 1947; lives and works in New York and Palm Beach
1960 – Psycho/Franz Kline, Lehigh V Span, 2019
Archival pigment print, edition 1/6
Accession date: 2022
Gift of the artist